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Pantone Matched Malibu Sunglasses

250 $4.50 each
500 $3.28 each
1000 $3.07 each
2500 $2.93 each
5000 $2.64 each
10000 $2.50 each
20000 $2.37 each

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# PSG101 - Pantone Matched Malibu Sunglasses

Give out these pantone matched sunglasses for high customer satisfaction! These are our most customizable product because you're able to plaster your branding all over for maximum visibility. These also offer top-of-the-line quality and design. Our Pantone matched sunglasses are made of plastic and can come several available colors. Make this a giveaway at the next outdoor event or in your store and gain new customers who will spread the word about your business! Some images shown include additional add-ons not included in the base price, contact us today for additional add-ons and design options.

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